Project Idea: Silver Jewel

Hi, my name is Liz, and I have a problem: I actually like stitching the same chart over and over again. Not all charts, mind you - just the ones that lend themselves to easy thread and fabric changes. Take Winter Queen's Jewel, for example - once you've stitched it with the thread and beads included in the kit, it's a great chart to stitch again using threads and fabric from your stash. For today's project, I've stitched Winter Queen's Jewel using some of the other goodies from our Winter Queen box, and finished it into a little biscornu.

Stitching Materials:

Finishing Materials: 

  • quilting fabric (for bottom of biscornu)
  • polyfil stuffing
  • Nymo thread - Black size O (for sewing up biscornu)

Project Notes:

Silver Jewel stitched with back-stitch outline

Silver Jewel stitched with back-stitch outline

After stitching the chart I outlined the whole thing with backstitching, 8 threads out. I used this line as my guide while sewing the biscornu shape.

I sewed the biscornu together using the Nymo thread, and also used it to gather the center. Nymo is a very strong thread, so you can  pull your biscornu center nice and tight with it.

I purposefully left the beads off until the very end, and attached them after I'd stuffed and stitched up the biscornu. Not only did that allow me to sink a bead into the center of the biscornu, but also gave me more control over how the beads look on the finished piece.

I had originally planned to outline the the seam of the biscornu with beads, but I couldn't get them to sit right - maybe something to try on your own version?

As always, I'd love to see what you are stitching this week - leave a comment below with a link or a photo to your current project so we can check it out!