Tutorial: Q-Snap Scroll Frame

A few weeks ago, I happened across a post in one of the many stitching Facebook groups I belong to* showing a QSnap frame set up like a scroll frame and I knew I had to try it immediately. Not just because it seems like a cool hack of existing equipment, but also because it deals with my biggest gripe about scroll frames - they are so damn heavy! Sure, I love having all my extra fabric neatly tucked away, but I'd also like to be able to stitch for more than an hour before my wrists and elbows beg for mercy! A QSnap/Scroll Frame mash-up seemed like the perfect solution.

I decided to test this out on my current sampler band, which consists of 3 fabrics from the Fresh Blooms box:

Since my sampler band fabric is approximately 4 inches, I went with a 6 inch by 8 inch QSnap frame - you could, I think, do this with any sized QSnap, but I want to be able to carry the sampler around with me, so the smaller, the better!

To start, place your frame on top of your fabric, at the bottom. Curl the bottom edge of the fabric up and around the bottom piece of the QSnap and clamp into place.

Next, bring all of the fabric through the inside of the frame and lay it over the bottom clamp.

Next, flip the fabric back under the frame, so it's in the starting position. You've just made one wrap of the bottom "scroll bar".

Continue to wrap until you run out of excess fabric. I wrapped with a fairly tight tension, and found that I could pull on the fabric to tighten it a bit after a few revolutions, just like when loading a scroll bar.

If you end up with excess fabric at the top of the frame, you should be able to rotate the whole bottom portion of fabric to take up the slack (including the clamp).

Once you have the top of the fabric where you want it, add the top clamp and start stitching!

I've only been using this set up for a little while, but so far I do like it. The only drawback I've found is that it is not as tight as a scroll frame (or, I haven't been able to make it as tight as of yet), but that hasn't really been a problem. The fact that I can add the sampler bandto my daily carry bag more than makes up for it!

Are you going to give the QSnap Scroll Frame hack a try? Have another stitching hack to show off? Leave us a comment below!

*I would love to be able to point you to the group, and the post, and give my inspiration the credit they deserve. Alas, I have no memory of which group it was, and digging through hundreds of posts with thousands of comments was just not practical. If you remember seeing a photo like this recently, and you happen to have a direct link to the post, please leave it in a comment below so I can give credit where it is due!