Sold Out!

Subscriptions for July's box are officially sold out! Since it is so close to the end of the month, we are going to start accepting subscriptions starting with September's box now.

As many of you are aware, we are a *very* small business, and at this point we are very near capacity in terms of how many subscribers I am comfortable with us handling for each box. I am opening some additional spots for September, but once we hit the magic number for September, we will have to move to a wait list. If you'd like to secure your spot for September's box, head over to the shop and sign up today.

If you previously ordered a one-time subscription that ends with July's box, please be aware that a one-time subscription does not renew, which means it also does not hold your slot for the next box after your subscription runs out. If you are signed up for a recurring subscription, your spot is held for each future box.

I would love to be able to take an unlimited number of subscriptions, but the truth is that just isn't feasible for us, nor for most of the suppliers we work with.

If you have questions regarding your subscription, or anything else having to do with StitchyBox, please feel free to email me ( Thank you all for helping StitchyBox grow!