Project Idea: Blackbird Designs' Bluebird

For this week's project, I raided my personal stash of Blackbird Designs charts, and discovered Bluebird, a Reward of Merit chart from a few years ago. Bluebird is charted for a single blue colorway, so I thought the Valdani Silk Perle from  the Winter Queen box was a perfect choice. While the coloway's name is Silky Purples, our batch is very blue (the photo here is very true to the color, on my monitor at least).

With only cross stitches to stitch, you can easily work this chart on any fabric. For my version, I selected the 32 count Helix from Picture This Plus from our Winter Queen box.

The chart includes an alphabet to personalize the initial in the right corner. I stitched our model around my Mom's birthday, so I used a K for Kathleen. If you'd like to include a second initial, the upper left corner would make a great spot for it.

I haven't decided how to finish this one yet - I'm thinking a standard pin cushion, but I'd love to hear any ideas you might have for it! As you can see in one the chart cover, the empty space in the bottom left is designed for some little mother-of-pearl buttons - I usually leave that sort of embellishment off until I settle on a finishing technique, in case the buttons get in the way or get damaged in the process.

We'd love to see what you are stitching on this week - leave us a comment below with a photo or a link to your current projects, as well as with any ideas you have for finishing my little Bluebird project. Happy Stitching!