Project Idea: Stitched Button Needleminders

I love the little laser-cut buttons from Katrinkles in our Water Lilies box, don't you? I'm planning to use them to finish off a biscornu or two in the future, but I couldn't wait to do something with them, so I decided to make up a few little needleminders with them for this week's project. 

These buttons can be decorated in all sorts of ways - for mine, I picked out a few of my favorite stitches and some threads in our Water Lilies box and started stitching.

For minder 1, I used the two Valdani cotton threads (Sweet Violets and Nantucket Rose) and satin stitched around the edge of the button (2 strands of Nantucket Rose) and radiating out from the center of the botton (2 strands of Sweet Violets). 

For minder 2, I used 4 strands of Forget-Me-Nots (Thread Gatherer) to stitch a spider web around the top of the button. I love how this stitch allows the ombre variegation of the thread to shine!

Turning these stitched buttons into needleminders is super-simple - you just need the right glue and some tiny rare earth magnets. I like to use E6000 glue - it sticks to just about everything, and since it is a thick gel, I didn't have any trouble with it leeching through to the front of the buttons. You could certainly cover the back with felt before you glue on your magnet if you'd like, but I just glued mine on directly to the back of the buttons, right to the wood and thread. Let the glue set for at least a few hours (or, even better, overnight), and your needleminder is all ready to use!

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