Throwback Thursday Project: Merrie Halloween

Throwback Thursday Project is a new series here on the blog - while our usual Wednesday project ideas focus on using products from our most recent StitchyBox shipment, every few weeks we will be posting a TBT project that uses products from our previous boxes to encourage you to dig through your stash and find some new-old treasures.

Merrie Halloween - original chart cover, copyright Pineberry Lane 2015

Merrie Halloween - original chart cover, copyright Pineberry Lane 2015

Project Materials:

Chart: Merrie Halloween by Pineberry Lane (available from your favorite needlework shop or from their website)

Fabric: 40 count Gingerbread linen from Handdyed by Stephanie (available from your favorite needlework shop or Stephanie's website

Thread (all available from your favorite needlework shop:

  • Weeks Dye Works - Eggplant
  • Weeks Dye Works - Whiskey
  • Thread Gatherer Silk n Colors - Gingersnap
  • Krenik Silk Bella - 4206
  • DMC 6-strand cotton - 3371

Project Notes:

Merrie Halloween seemed like the perfect project for our first Throwback Thursday Project post - not only does it feature fabric and threads from our Sept/Oct 2015 box, but I also started stitching it before Halloween, let it become a UFO, and only pulled it out of my WIP pile to finish about a week ago!

If you have this chart in your stash, the first thing you'll probably notice is that the design is charted for all one thread color - I decided to fancy it up a bit and include all five of the threads from our Falling Leaves box. Monochromatic spot samplers like this one are an excellent starting place if you'd like to try your hand at changing out colorways in a stitched piece. For this project, I knew I wanted to keep most of the  project on the darker side, so I selected the Eggplant as my main colorway. I didn't really plan out where I was going to add the additional colors (other than obvious things like the Gingersnap pumpkin and the Silk Bella vines), but instead stitched a good chunk of the border and the words in my primary colorway (Eggplant), and then started adding in the others. 

You might also notice my stitched piece has a few changes, when compared to the original. I added a little zig zag to the vase so I could include a bit more of the Whiskey, which seemed a bit lonely being used only for the moon, and I also only did the little border dots on every other space, rather than every space as in the chart. This was simply because I really don't enjoy doing those single dot stitches! I might go back and add the rest later, along with the flowers at the end of the vines I simply forgot to stitch and just noticed while writing this post! Never let it be said I show you only our perfect projects :)

I'm not sure how I'll finish this one, but I'm leaning toward some sort of little banner - I used a Fat 8th to stitch this up, and it left me with a good deal of fabric at the bottom of the design, so I could even do some sort of fancy pointed bottom with a tassel! What do you think? Leave me a comment below, then get back to stitching!