Sampler September Stash Pack (Your Choice of Chart+Thread or Thread Only)

  • $ 29.99
  • Save $ 17.26

To celebrate Sampler September this year, I thought we'd do a little stash enhancement! Please be sure to read the entire listing before purchasing, especially if you are selecting the Chart + Thread option. 

The Sampler September bundle is available in two varieties: Chart + Thread or Thread Only:

Chart + Thread Option - This bundle includes a 5 skein grab bag of silk thread (Flower Silk and StitchySilk) plus your choice of any StitchyBox Samplers chart available via PDF (any chart other than the Ackworth Pattern Sampler Book). For your grab bag, you can select if you'd prefer to only receive solids and semi-solid colors, or if you'd like me to include multi-colored/variegated colorways as well. To order your chart, just include the name of the chart as a comment on your order, and it will be emailed to you when your order is processed, within 1 business day. You can see the list of available charts in the StitchyBox Samplers section here. This bundle as a value of approximately $47. DO NOT PUT YOUR SELECTED CHART IN YOUR CART, OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR IT SEPARATELY.

Thread Only Option - Do you already have more charts than you'll stitch in 12 lifetimes? Select the Thread Only Option and you'll receive a grab bag of 9 skeins of silk instead! This bundle has a value of approximately $49.

While I cannot accommodate specific colorway requests for this product, if you have general color preferences, please include them as a comment on your order and I will do my best to abide by them, inventory willing.

You can purchase up to 3 of these Packs without colorway duplication. I will do my best not to duplicate colors on orders of more than 3 packs, but I cannot guarantee it. The colorways shown in this listing are examples only, and may or may not be included in your package.

Again, do not put your selected chart into the cart, or you will be charged for it separately. I cannot offer any refunds in this situation, as PDF charts ordered using the cart system are delivered automatically. Purchasing this listing indicated you have read and agreed to how to order the chart that is part of this bundle.

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