2023 Seasonal Countdown Box Deposit Bundle - Buy 3, Get 1 Free

2023 Seasonal Countdown Box Deposit Bundle - Buy 3, Get 1 Free

  • $ 60.00

Sign up for all four of our Seasonal Countdown Boxes for 2023 get one of your deposits for free! We offer one Seasonal Countdown Box per quarter. You will receive the final payment instructions for each box 30-60 days before the final payment is due for each box.

Our 2023 Seasonal boxes are:

March 2023 - Spring Seasonal Countdown Box (final payment due Feb 2023)
June 2023 - Summer Seasonal Countdown Box  (final payment due May 2023)
July 2023 - Autumn Seasonal Countdown Box (final payment due June 2023)
December 2023 - Winter Seasonal Countdown Box (final payment due November 2023)

Please note: The Autumn and Winter Seasonal Boxes are NOT Halloween and Christmas. Those boxes are available in the 2023 Small Batch Countdown Box Deposit Bundle.

The deposit for each box is $20. The purchase price of $60 for this listing represents getting one "deposit" for free.

The total cost of each box is $80, plus shipping ($8.75 for US addresses, $22 for Canadian addresses, $30 for other international addresses). This means that the final payment is $60 plus shipping. 

*Final Payment*
The final payment for each box is due on the 15th of the month prior to the ship date. For example, the final payment for the Spring Seasonal box is due on February 15th, 2023. You will receive payment instructions for these final payments 30-60 days before the payment is due. 

Countdown Box Deposits are not refundable. For additional information regarding our Countdown Box payment policies, please see the Payments/Refunds/Cancellations policy page here.

There are a limited number of bundles available, as the number of spots in each box is limited. If this listing is available for purchase, you are guaranteed to receive a spot in the Boxes you've selected. The discount provided for your deposit does not create a discount for the associated final payment - final payment for each box must be made in order for you to receive the box.

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