Fiber On A Whim Fabric

We are happy to offer Fiber On A Whim's entire stitching fabric collection in our shop!

Below you will find three different categories of availability:

- Special Order: Here you can order all 45 colorways in any quantity you'd like. Special orders can take between 4-6 weeks to ship, but often ship more quickly.

- Incoming Fabric: This is fabric we have already ordered for other special orders, and is in process. This fabric is limited to the colors and quantities we've already ordered, and is expected to ship within 4-6 weeks from the date listed on the individual items. We offer this option as a way to avoid some of the special order wait.

- In Stock Fabric: Any individual pieces we receive that are not already claimed during Special Order or the Incoming Fabric phases will be listed as In Stock. In Stock fabrics are in house and ready to ship. The photos shown for In Stock fabric is a portion of the actual fabric you will receive.

We also offer a monthly FOAW Fabric Collector's Club - you'll find that listing below as well.