Threads for Flower Silk Floss Grab Bag

Threads for Flower Silk Floss Grab Bag

  • $ 21.99
  • Save $ 4.26

The newest member of our StitchyBox Pup Squad, Flower, is a bright and sunny 10 year old Terrier mix who came to us with a significant heart condition and severe dental issues. To help pay for the cost of her upcoming treatment, we are offering this special Threads for Flower version of our silk grab bags through June 15th.

Each grab bag will take you on a tour of our Flower Silk thread and includes 5 skeins of Flower silk:

  • a semi-solid from our permanent collection
  • a special edition colorway
  • a Flower Silk Duo colorway
  • a colorway from our Deep Dyed Yarns Collab collection
  • a colorway from our Threads of Myth & Legend collection

The total value of each bag is over $26.

As with all of our Grab Bag releases, there are also bonuses! For every 25 grab bags sold, we will be sending out one $25 gift card (recipient selected by random number generator), and if we sell over 100 bags one customer will receive a complete set of our Flower Silk Semi-Solid line, 31 8-yard skeins (again selected by random number generator). Bonuses will be sent after June 15th.

You can purchase up to 8 grab bags with no duplicate colorways. I will do my best to not send duplicates for purchases over 8 bags, but I cannot guarantee that.


Grab Bags will ship throughout June.


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