Silk Stash Skeins

Our silk stash here at StitchyBox HQ is quite extensive, and includes bundles and bundles of cut strands from previous thread card projects, test skeins that were never used, and projects that were never meant to be. Rather than let all this gorgeous silk sit unstitched, we thought we'd offer it you, in our Silk Stash Skeins!

Each Silk Stash Skein contains 5 (or 10) yards of 12-strand* overdyed/handdyed silk floss. The silk is all cut into half-yard/half-meter lengths, and you will receive 1/2-1 yard of each color in a skein. The individual colors are not labeled (some don't have names to begin with), but these are silks from Gloriana, Classic Colorworks, Caron Collection, Thread Gatherer, Dinky Dyes - the list goes on and on. These silks retail for between $7-10 for the equivalent of 5 yards/12 strands.

*Where silks with less than 12 strands are included (e.g. Dinky Dyes), 2 lengths are included in the place of 1. 

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