Silk Thread Hank End Bundle - June 2024 Edition

Silk Thread Hank End Bundle - June 2024 Edition

  • $ 19.99

What is a Silk Thread Hank End Bundle, you ask? Well, when I skein up our Flower Silk, StitchySilk, or OOAK colorways from other silk dyers, there is always yardage left over from each hank. Perfectly good silk thread that should not go to waste! I store it in my Hank Ends box, and when the box is full I offer them up in bundles here in the shop. 

Each Bundle contains approximately 20 grams worth of bundled up silk for $19.99 - for reference, an 8-yard skein of our Flower Silk weighs approximately 2 grams and costs $5.25. All thread is stranded silk - the majority is 6 or 7 strands, occasionally a 12-strand silk will be included.

Inside each Bundle are thread lengths from 30 inches up to 7+yards. The majority are continuous lengths, but there are some that are cut into 30 inch lengths and bundled together. The colorways are not labeled, but if you receive one you love, feel free to send me a photo and I can probably identify it for you. The photo shown here is the pile these bundles are pulled from.

Great for adding a bit of random color to your stitching, embroidery or other embellishing!

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