Soft Spring - Flower Silk Duo Silk Floss Special Edition

Soft Spring - Flower Silk Duo Silk Floss Special Edition

  • $ 5.25

Flower Silk Duo skeins contain five 60+ inch lengths of our Flower Silk silk floss (for a total of slightly more than 8 yards). Each length is sequence-dyed in 6 colors. The image shown here is a large hank of the colorway, so you can clearly see the colors of the skein.

Stitched sample was created using 1 strand of Dandelion Sky on 40 count Mint linen from Fiber on a Whim.

There are several ways to use Flower Silk Duo skeins:

  • The easiest way to use them is to cut your lengths in half, or in thirds, and create 2 or 3 complimentary mini-skeins of silk. 
  • You can also pull out the strand(s) you need for your stitching from a length, cut the strands in 2 or 3 pieces, and stitch them in sequence to maintain the 6-color variegation.
  • If you are an experienced silk wrangler, it is possible to stitch with the whole 60+ inch length. I highly recommend only doing this if you are using 1 strand, to help limit knotting, and beewax or other thread conditioning is also highly recommended.

Flower Silk Duo colorways are limited edition - once this batch sells out, it will be retired. 

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