Wildfire PDF Fundraiser

The fundraiser has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Wildfires are currently ravaging the West Coast, and displaced people and animals will need all the support they can get over the coming months. Earlier this year, we rallied with our Samplers to Support Our Shops initiative to send support to LNSs during lockdown, and I'm hoping we can do that again to send support to those who will need help from the wildfires.

Through September 20th, we will be donating all the money we receive (i.e. after payment processors take their cut) on PDF chart sales to support wildfire relief. I will be researching the best place to send the funds, and will post our donation on social media. 

Because the goal is to raise funds, I am not offering a sale during this fundraiser, but I will be randomly selecting one stitcher who makes a qualifying purchase during the fundraiser to receive a $100 gift certificate to our shop.

In addition the the charts already available in our shop, I've added some new ones specifically for this fundraiser: the special edition of Sarah Harris 1786 is available for this week only, in case you missed it in April, and a new special edition: our Vierlande Motif Treasury. This is a compilation of over 200 traditional Vierlande motifs and alphabets you can use to design your own charts, or stitch individually as smalls.