Just The Threads New Subscriber Questionnaire

Welcome to your Just the Threads subscription! We want to make sure the threads we send you each month will work for you, so please take a moment and complete the following questionnaire. The more you can tell us about your chosen craft(s), your preferred threads/fibers/colors and products you don't like, the better job we can do customizing your package.

If you would prefer not to complete the questionnaire, that's okay too! We will select threads that we think will work well together for the majority of stitching crafts for your monthly shipment.

Name *
Crafts *
Which of the following types of stitching do you enjoy?
Colors *
Are there any colors you absolutely do not want to receive? (We recommend selecting 1-2 colors at most.)
Are there any threads/fibers/companies you absolutely do not want to receive?
Limited Editions?
We sometimes have limited edition or single-batch colorways from various companies - are you okay receiving limited edition/OOAK colorways, or would you prefer to only receive colorways you can buy again?
Finishing Items *
Are you interested in receiving finishing items, like chenille, pom poms, or ribbons, as part of your palette?
Seed Beads *
While I know this subscription is called "Just the Threads", we have had some requests to send along seed beads as well. If you would like to receive beads as a small element of your monthly shipment, please select Yes. We will be sending 11/0s and/or 15/0s (based on your crafts listed above).
Focal Beads and Other Bling *
Want even more blingy goodness? Select "yes", and we will also occasionally include focal beads or other types of fabulous bling as a small part of your shipment.
Adventurousness *
How adventurous are you/would you like to be in your stitching?
Tell us as much as you'd like about your current crafting and what threads/fibers you currently use. Please note that your questionnaire may not be reviewed until we are beginning the packaging process, so this is not a good place to ask questions or leave comments you need us to see quickly - please email those directly to liz@stitchybox.com instead.