Bead Grab Bag

Bead Grab Bag

  • $ 2.50
  • Save $ 2.50

We often have extra packages of seed beads and other bead-type embellishments left over from our Countdown Boxes, so we've created these Bead Grab Bags to help you add extra bling to your stash!

Each Grab Bag contains 10 packages of beads, at least 9 of which will be 11/0 or 15/0 seed beads in 1-2 gram quantities, as found in our Countdown Boxes. Some packages will have 10 packages of seed beads, some will have 9 packages of seed beads and one package of another bead-type embellishment (small crystals, glass pearls, freshwater pearls, gemstone beads, etc). The value of each Grab Bag is at least $5.00.

Most packages in the Grab Bags are labeled, but some may not have labels.

There are no duplicates in a Grab Bag, but you may receive duplicates if your order multiple bags.

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